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What is a student ambassador?

When you’re booking a holiday or deciding where to go for dinner, you often look up reviews from people who've been there recently. Prospective international students do the same thing when choosing their study abroad destination! They want to speak to students who are currently studying there and living the university life...

… and that’s where student ambassadors come in.


Student ambassadors are our on-campus advocates who can share their experiences of HSE University life with prospective international students. The ambassadors can give advice and tips on how to apply to HSE, what to expect from studies at the university and living in Russia, and what it means to be an HSE student.

HSE University works hard to develop and expand its diverse international community. And this time, we’re relying on you—the people who know HSE University better than anyone!

What does a student ambassador do?

An ambassador's main task is to promote HSE University through their personal connections with friends, family members, colleagues, and others to attract prospective international students to study at HSE University. 

Ambassadors also offer consultations on how to apply to HSE University and help prospective international students with their applications.

Why join the programme?

Gain experience

You will learn about everything HSE University does to recruit talented international students from all over the world! And more importantly—you’ll be part of these efforts!




Who are we looking for?

Student ambassadors have to be passionate, committed, and full of energy!

There are no time limits or deadlines to become an HSE ambassador—sign up whenever you want by clicking the button below and filling in the short form.

I want to be an HSE Ambassador!

What resources do ambassadors use?

Your main tool for promoting HSE University is your own experience!

We also recommend using the same online resources that we use in consultations with prospective international students:

Our Telegram channels

Have a question?

Luiza Rakhimova

Project manager